Dota 2 is giving away a free bundle of digital goods to celebrate the nearing culmination of its annual tournament. The International 2022 Swag Bag comes with a free battle pass, one-month subscription of Dota Plus and, best of all, a free Arcana item of your choice.

While it’s a time-limited offer, you need not hurry as you have until January 12, 2023 to claim the Swag Bag. Eager fans are nonetheless logging into the game to get an Arcana item, and they can choose from any of which that are offered on the Dota 2 store. And apparently the deluge of players going online is causing issues with the game servers.


If you try to claim your Swag bag right now, there’s a good chance you may encounter the “Claim Failed: Unknown error (error 7)” message. You may also get a different message that states: “the Swag Shop is very busy right now” or “the Swag Shop is temporarily closed,” followed by advice to try again later.

One solution to this problem is to take heed of the advice. Try claiming later, preferably when fewer players are simultaneously trying to claim their Swag Bag. Try restarting the game or your Internet connection.

Alternatively, if you’ve got ants in your pants and are feeling restless, you can spam-click the claim button. Just select your desired Arcana item, click the claim button, and repeat until you get the “You have earned an item!” prompt instead of an error message.


If the game indicates you’ve successfully claimed the Swag Bag freebies but you don’t see them in your inventory, try waiting for the overloaded game servers to process the massive number of requests from you and other players. Several players are also experiencing the bug per the issues reported at GitHub, and you can submit a new issue yourself too.

Returning players who haven’t logged into the game for some time won’t also be able to get their Swag Bags until they play at least 10 matches before the Battle Pass season ends.

That’s it. Were you able to get the free Dota 2 Arcana, Battle Pass, and Dota Plus? Share it with us in the comments below.

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  1. when im trying to claim the free battle it says that it is temporarily disabled. try again later. am i be able to claim this later or nah??