A new study from Picodi shows that monthly subscriptions for streaming services in the Philippines are one of the cheapest in the world.

Picodi ranked the Philippines as the fourth of sixty countries with the cheapest price for streaming subscriptions.

To get the numbers, Picodi has bundled the monthly subscription fees of popular streaming platforms in categories such as video, e-book, gaming, and music. The includes platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime for video, Spotify for music, Microsoft Game Pass for gaming, and Scribd for audiobooks and e-books.


Accordong to the study, the total bundle in the Philippines will cost around USD24.85, or roughly Php1,450 when converted, putting the country at the fourth rank of being the cheapest. That amounts to a high 8.9% of the average monthly wage of Filipinos, which is Php16,401.


For comparison, the country with the highest subscription bundle price is Switzerland, where they have to pay USD64.21 per month for such services. Albeit, it only takes about 1.2% of their average monthly wage.

On the other end, people living in Turkey have to pay the lowest price o USD16.78 for the bundle, which is around 5.4% of its people’s monthly wage.

The streaming industry in the Philippines have really flourished in the last couple of years, especially with e-wallet services allowing Filipinos to pay for online subscriptions even without credit cards.

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