Honda Motor Co. is set to launch an updated model of its small business aircraft called the HondaJet Elite II. The new plane will boast a more extended range and one exciting feature, autolanding technology.

The new HondaJet Elite II can fly up to 2,865 kilometers thanks to its larger fuel tank. That’s about 204 kilometers longer than existing models. It will also come with new ground spoiler devices for the wings to control speed and help improve performance.

Steel and Onyx interior options


There are also new automation technologies like an emergency auto-landing system, but won’t be available to the new model until the end of 2023. It is said that the feature can be retrofitted to the Elite II.

This new aircraft will cost USD6.95 million or around Php403.4 million. The Japanese company aims to deliver the new aircraft to customers this November after receiving a flight operations certificate from US aviation authorities.

Honda is expecting another success for the Elite II as they were able to sell 37 HondaJet aircraft last year, making it the best-selling small business jet for five consecutive years.

Quite an impressive success, since Honda only entered the jet market in 2015. Not surprising, though, since the company promises impressive fuel efficiency and spacious cabin space.

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