90-year-old ‘Gamer Grandma’ is the world’s oldest gaming YouTuber


A Japanese grandma gamer has built a huge cult following online. Why? Because she is still gaming at the age of 90.

Hamako Mori, often called as the “Gamer Grandma“, has 250,000 subscribers on YouTube. She said she started gaming around 39 years ago and only launched her YouTube channel back in 2015.


3 up to 4 videos per month is her regular upload schedule, and topics range from unboxing consoles to showcasing her gaming prowess on the latest games. Among Mori’s favorites is Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto series.

According to Guiness World Records, Mori is now recognized as the planet’s oldest gaming YouTuber.

Hamako Mori says that she is “truly enjoying life” because she made the right choice of playing games for this long.

Gamer Grandma also plays popular titles like Dauntless and Elder Scrolls V Skyrim. She admits that she still stays up until 2AM playing video games, just like every young gamer today.



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