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New report says portless iPhone is coming in 2021

iPhone 11 series

Everyone is talking about Apple’s upcoming iPhone 12 series. Over the past few months, we’ve learned about its rumored specs, price, and everything we wanted to know.

According to a new report, another iPhone is on the horizon, but it will be launched by next year. It is said to be portless, which means that there’s no port not just the 3.5mm jack, but also for the lightning cable.

You read that right: Apple will reportedly abandon its proprietary lightning cable in future iPhones. And no, USB Type-C is not going to replace it. This is if prominent Apple leakster Jon Prosser is to be believed.

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iPhone 12 render by Jonas Daehnert

Prosser also said that Apple will “never” use USB-C for iPhones, even with the European Union’s regulations with regards to smartphone charging. The workaround is to offer lightning to USB Type-C converters for now, but Prosser claims the move is to go portless in the near future.

At this point, these are all rumors and everything should be taken with a grain of salt.

But before these all happens, let’s Apple will improve their wireless charging speed because 7.5 watts is not going to cut it.

The first portless iPhone is rumored to be the iPhone SE Plus. But eventually, all iPhones moving forward will probably be portless.


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