Ever wonder what Apple’s upcoming flagship would look like if it shares the same functionality and design as Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip?

While the probably of the iPhone 12 getting a “flip” version would be unlikely, the idea is not necessarily a stray away from imagination. 

In fact, one person by the moniker “iOS Beta” did just that, subsequently creating a reimagination of the flagship phone, based on iPhone 12’s available information.

Patterned after the working concept seen in the Galaxy Z Flip, the iPhone 12 rendition feels similar in many ways, except for a few glaring differences such as the user-interface and some physical layout nuances.

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But being a “flip” recreation, the most notable part of the presentation is how the rather appropriately named “iPhone 12 Flip” would appear like when folded into half. The idea, more than its novelty to the iPhone line-up, obviously lies in its better portability. 

That is considering the fact that it was an iPhone 12 Pro model that is used for the video trailer—a device that embodies a phablet form factor with 6.7-inch display.


While not necessarily iconic, there is also the recently talked about quad camera display that the said phone model will exhibit.

Anyway, this is just a concept for now. But based on Apple’s recent patent filing, we’re hoping that foldable iPhones could happen by 2021.

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