An artificial intelligence (AI) that’s able to generate a realistic-looking video game world on the fly seems like a pipe dream, but there’s effort already being done to achieve such a feat. Two programmers recently posted on YouTube what a neural network’s version of Grand Theft Auto would look like.

Called GAN Theft Auto, this piece of software isn’t made to play Rockstar’s popular game and control the in-game avatar. Rather, it’s the program itself that creates the environment in which a player can immerse himself into.


The AI’s output is admittedly nowhere as detailed as what modern AAA games have. Still, it’s amazing what the AI can already do.

To create GAN Theft Auto, the programmers made use of Nvidia’s GameGAN. It’s a neural network that’s designed to function like a game engine. Using actual screenplays as training data, GameGAN generates a gaming environment and creates rules to which users can abide to interact with said environment.

Via: PC Gamer

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