Bandai Namco Entertainment recently announced that the popular mobile game Gundam Breaker Mobile, previously called Gundam Battle: Gunpla Warfare, will be shutting down in June for both Android and iOS platforms.

The game was first released in Japan with later made it to the international stage in 2019. Gundam Breaker Mobile is a 3D action game that features Gundam Plastic Model a.k.a Gunpla with customizable models based on the different mobile suits from the franchise.


Players have already noticed that the in-game currency purchase of Haro Chips has already been disabled. Still, all the items can be used until the whole service shuts down.


Bandai Namco didn’t mention the reason as to why they are shutting down the popular game, but those who are interested can still try it for free until June 4th.

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While no reason was revealed, rumor blames the gradual decline in user base and revenue as the reason why it’s being shut down. Another rumored reason is Bandai Namco is apparently pooling its resources to salvage its 6v6 shooter game for PC and console, Gundam Revolution, which is currently experiencing difficulties in becoming an eSports game.

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