Mostly rumored as a developing RPG title based on the Harry Potter franchise, Bloomberg is confirming the yet to be titled game is “very real” and it’s being developed by the same company that brought Disney Infinity to audiences, Avalanche Software.

Although still unannounced, and therefore technically within the border of rumor, the game tentatively called “Harry Potter RPG” is slated for release next year and eyes new-gen consoles as the launching platform. 

As per Bloomberg, the information came from credible sources who refused their names to be disclosed.

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The rumor about this developing game has been in circulation on the internet since 2018 arising from a leaked footage of what the game looked like during development.

True to its claim as a role-playing game, one of the main highlights of the game is avatar customization that lets individual users represent themselves uniquely. 

While fans are obviously the game’s target market, it seems that the developers of the game are hard at work in catering to broader audience as well. 

That is perhaps explained by the game’s rather ambitious approach to its development that fuses open-world element with the magical themes that are inherent in the franchise.

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