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An esports center exclusive for senior citizens will open in Japan

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An esports facility for senior citizens will launch on July 2 in Kobe, Japan. The center named ISR Esports, will be exclusive for people aged 60 years and above. It will mainly be for those who don’t have knowledge of video games or have not played it before. To help them learn, on ground instructors will guide them all the way.

According to ISR Esports, The elders will be introduced to some basic gaming experience, with easy and suitable games before they will have the opportunity to play “full-blown esports titles.”

This place will certainly be a place where senior citizens can relax and play video games, in an environment that will be so conducive for them.

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Photo credit: ISR Esports

ISR Esports also said that the safety of customers is their top priority. The social distancing rules and pandemic-related guidelines will be fully observed in the facility. Especially considering the fact that old people are more vulnerable to the novel coronavirus. This is to ensure the elders have fun without any worries.

In the past, Japanese senior citizens who are lonely usually gather together in arcades. They are looking for a place to relax, meet friends, share ideas, and also enjoy some games.

Source: PR Times | Via: Kotaku

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