Hyper Front, a Valorant knockoff made by NetEase for mobile devices, has announced that it’s shutting down on April 10, 2023.

A little over a year after its release, the first-person shooter mobile game is closing its doors to players. No official reason was given by the developer, but we speculate that it’s probably because of legal troubles they had with Riot Games late last year.

Hyper Front wasn’t shy about copying Valorant. In fact, most of its characters look a lot like their Valorant counterparts. Sage, a Valorant agent with the ability to heal and revive teammates, is almost identical to Elixir sans the hair.

Read the full statement from Hyper Front below.


Hyper Front and its servers will cease operations at exactly 4PM (GMT +8) on April 10, 2023. All player information, account, and game data will be deleted after the shut down.

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  1. Hyper front was deleted I just installed in 3mo ago and I just got bored so I deleted but in 1year I check on it to install again but I didn’t find it Im not sure it is deleted?? :(