Last weekend, Square Enix celebrated the 20th-anniversary event for Kingdom Hearts and has released a trailer for three games.

Kingdom Hearts Ux Dark Road is the first game teased and will be ending its story this 2022.

The second trailer, however, is Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link which is an all-new mobile game. The said mobile game is claimed to look like an action RPG and will probably go into a closed beta testing in selected places this 2022.

The third trailer is revealed to be Kingdom Hearts 4, and details about it say it’s still in the works.

From the trailer of Kingdom Hearts’ 20th anniversary, it is seen that there is an adventure taking place in an open overworld with antagonists. Players will dive into battles that will appear in real-time.

Players are observed to be able to run up on building sides and traverse maps. The game, Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link trailer also confirmed that it will come to Android and iOS. However, its release dates are yet to be formally announced as the game will start closed beta testing in selected regions this year.

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