A few years ago, wireless mice were known for being slow with high latency rate, making them unfit for pro-gaming use. But thanks to the brands like Logitech, gamers can now enjoy the feeling of using a wire-free mouse.

The new Logitech G Pro wireless mouse was designed and engineered from casual users to professional gamers. Despite the lack of wires, this new mouse has an impressive 1ms speed.


It also comes with the new Hero 16k sensor. This sensor can track speeds over 400IPS and can deliver from 100dpi up to 16,000dpi sensitivity, hence the name.

The new sensor also consumers 10x less power, which provides a longer battery life, and allowed Logitech to put a lighter battery module inside. The G Pro wireless can last by up to 48 hours with default lighting and can stretch up to 60 hours if you turn off the flares.


Speaking of which, the new Logitech G Pro wireless mouse is ultra lightweight at 80g. The RGB lighting was also kept to a minimum, which you can control via the Logitech gaming software.

Moreover, the G Pro wireless is POWERPLAY compatible, has an onboard memory to store 5 different profiles, and comes with a mechanical button tensioning system for some fine tuning.

The new Logitech G Pro wireless mouse has a retail price of USD149.99 (~Php8,000) and is now up for pre-order through Logitech’s website.

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