After a long wait since its reveal, the mobile adaptation of the iconic 2D shooter by SNK—Metal Slug: Awakening—has finally reached Open Beta status. The game was licensed to and developed by Tencent and has VNGGames as the partner for the distribution.

As a mobile rendition of the beloved shooter, Metal Slug: Awakening offers a brand-new yet familiar experience. This comes as players encounter the same tried-and-tested formula, but with an upgrade to visuals to semi-3D.

Making the engagement even more engaging is also a slew of improvements over the playable characters, adventures, and missions. But the fun does not end there—the game also showcases Easter eggs that bring nostalgia to veteran players. Namely, the makeshift flag using blue and white-striped shorts, the undecayed mummies, fat Marco, the saluting Hyakutaro, and the coins-dropping Djinn.


This Metal Slug involvement is never complete without the franchise’s archetypal war machines. Making for a new entry, however, is the SV-001 tank, which is equipped with a bullet-shooting system. But of course, others such as the weapon-infused camel and other vehicles are making a comeback as well.

And then, there is also the arsenal of weapons that players use to advance through the game’s many stages. Although old ones, such as the popular heavy machine gun, are certainly returning to the spotlight, the developers have added new guns to the entire inventory.

From the familiar, such as the Gatling gun, to the quirky, such as the Saw Launcher and Boxing Gun, players are better equipped than ever to become more effective commanders of the field.

To commemorate the game’s open beta launch, Metal Slug: Awakening is giving multiple rewards to those who will take part in the momentous event.

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