Star Wars Battlefron II Night on Endor
Star Wars Battlefront II Ewok Hunt Multiplayer Game Mode

After a huge consumer backlash, Electronic Arts were forced to temporarily remove any form of microtransactions in the game as it was being labelled as Pay to Win.

Players who are not really that skilled can be competitive in game for as long as they have the real world money to buy loot crates.

By April 18, 2018, microtransactions will come back to Star Wars: Battlefront II.

Scheduled to return in the next Game Update, Real world money can be used to buy “Crystals”. These Crystals can only buy “Cosmetic Items” or Skins for different playable characters. It was said that over 50 cosmetic character items will be released. Appearances include Endor versions of Leia Organa and Han Solo.

Not looking to spend real money? Don’t worry as Crystals can also be bought by using credits, which can be earned through in-game activities.

The new feature will be a part of the Endor Update. An update that includes a new limited-time only multiplayer game mode called “Ewok Hunt”. Ewok Hunt involve Stormtroopers walking through Endor at night being hunted by Ewoks.

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