A long time coming, the highly-anticipated MMORPG, MU, has finally arrived on mobile as MU ORIGIN 3: SEA, particularly in the Southeast Asian region.

So, how has this mobile MMORPG changed from its PC origins?

From the get-go, one of the most notable changes with MU ORIGIN 3 is the introduction of a 360-degree rotational world map, giving players a sight of the game’s marvelous worlds from all angles.

But while the game has managed to address many of the kinks that players saw in the game’s earlier build, MU ORIGIN 3 is designed with convenience in mind—as seen with the “no loading times” in between maps.

For a game franchise that is popular for its beauty, the developers take the visual aspect up a notch by adding a bit of cinematic feel to it, especially during combat.


For players who are looking to grind and get to a high level as possible, it could come in a few ways—via the main quest and game events, such as Empire Patrol and Demon Hunt, both of which give players a generous amount of EXP.

To celebrate the game’s official launch, MU ORIGIN 3 is offering special gift packs, which include Elven Wings, Hip-Hop Costume, Companion Summon Scrolls, “MU Origin 3” label, and many more.

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