Over the last couple of years, mobile phones became one of the most useful tools for communication and world updates. But it’s not only that. It has also become a globally accepted platform for playing video games.

Why not? Most people of different walks of life could easily have smartphones, and a lot of the games offered on mobile are free-to-play. So, one of the most common genres in gaming—MMORPG—has become readily available for this platform.

Massive Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Games or ‘MMORPGs’ for short combines the elements of Roleplaying Games (RPG) with a vast, explorable world where players could take on the roles the games offer and meet real-time players to do activities with.

To get to know more about MMORPG and relieve some of the classics that first came out of mobile devices, here are the top 5 games to try.

Order and Chaos online

Most MMORPGs are fantasy-based, and what’s more nostalgic than Order and Chaos online?

Order and Chaos is a 3D MMORPG developed by Gameloft which allows players to explore an open world full of adventures.


The player is made to choose between 5 races: Humans, Elves, Orcs, Undead, and Mendels—which are the dwarvish race of the Order and Chaos world.

Other than initially choosing a race, players are also given the choice of classes such as archers, warriors, or mages. There is also the freedom to grow one’s character through leveling up skills and stats according to the player’s choosing.

With its fame among the mobile MMORPG titles, Order and Chaos even gained a sequel which you can also still play today—Order and Chaos: Redemption.

Arcane Legends

Another fantasy MMORPG with the right combination of hack-and-slash, it’s no wonder Arcane Legends still have a very active community even to this day.


Developed by Spacetime Studios, Arcane Legends allows players to choose between three classes namely the warrior, the rogue, and the mage—all three have various specialities that make them diverse in their own way.

While this game does have one of the old graphics expected from a classic MMO, the open-world adventure and combat mechanics make it a game players tend to come back over and over again for nostalgia’s sake.

AdventureQuest 3D

You’ve probably heard of AdventureQuest before—perhaps even way back when mobile games aren’t a huge thing. That’s because this is the same game we came to love on the computer as children.


What’s amazing about AdventureQuest on the mobile is that you can still play in the PC version within the same world with the same players with their cross-platform support.

Aside from the cross-platform support, players can also multi-class characters, chat, social engagements and more.

Developed by Artix Entertainment, AdventureQuest maintains its promise of terrifying monsters and dragons, wonderful magic, and endless adventure.

Toram Online

Perhaps one of the famous developers of mobile MMORPG is Asobimo who created titles such as Avabel, Izanagi, and Toram Online which I have included here.


Toram is a fan favorite with its unique concept of not having any particular class to choose from, unlike the previous MMORPGs I have already tackled. Instead, players build their skill tree according to how they want their character to grow.

This kind of concept allows for Toram’s freedom to customize your character from skills, equipments, and avatar costumes.

Toram—along with other creations by Asobimo—definitely has that Japanese Roleplay Game (JRPG) vibe that truly makes them timeless no matter the kind of phone you own.

Ragnarok M: Eternal Love

To wrap up this list of classic MMORPGs on the mobile platform, how can I leave out the famous Ragnarok game?


For years, Ragnarok has been a household name for fans of the said video game genre, so finally having Ragnarok on the mobile platform does bring the nostalgia plus tons of new features that utilize the mobile phone’s power.

While there are newer Ragnarok titles on mobile, Eternal Love made its name on the mobile platform as veterans and new players alike gather for adventure, combat, trades, and just exploring the open world.

It’s not going to be the exact same experience as the PC Ragnarok, but this fresh take on a beloved MMORPG captured the hearts of many.

Classic Mobile MMORPG are still fun to play

This concludes our nostalgic trip down the MMORPG genre on the mobile platform. These are the games that showcased the capabilities of the mobile phone to support open-world online titles just in the palm of the player’s hand.

Come to think of it, it’s like a getaway from reality which you can access by pulling your smartphone out of your pocket any place and anytime (provided there’s good internet connection).

What are you waiting for? Step up and start (or relive) your adventures with one of these titles today.

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