The Masters Copenhagen will be the second big international tournament of the year on the 2022 VALORANT Champions Tour.

In Copenhagen, Denmark, the greatest players and teams will compete to demonstrate their superiority, with thousands of supporters watching both live and via streaming online.

At the VCT Stage 2 Masters Copenhagen tournament, the best 12 VALORANT teams from across the world will compete against one another for the opportunity to be named the greatest in the world. Each squad had to battle their way through Challengers competitions in their respective home regions in order to demonstrate that they were the cream of the crop.

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There are a number of different methods to watch the action, including official feeds that are available on a variety of platforms and in a number of different languages. Throughout the entirety of the VCT Masters tournament, participants may follow along with all the action by tuning in to the official VALORANT channels on both Twitch and YouTube.

There are also channels on Twitch and YouTube that broadcast in a variety of other languages, giving gamers from all around the world additional possibilities. On the VALORANT website, viewers may find a complete list of official channels, in addition to more information on the broadcast schedule, on-air talent, as well as other pertinent particulars.

The first round of the VCT Masters Copenhagen will begin on Sunday, July 10 at 9PM GMT+8. For the full schedule and results, visit this article.

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