A training program and assessment regarding cybersecurity will be offered by the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA). This new program will be added in TESDA’s current information and communication technology (ICT) training course.

Jeffrey Ian Dy, TESDA Executive Director for Information and Communications Technology, has been given the responsibility of leading the Qualifications and Standards Office in the development of the training regulation as the project’s primary driver.

Rosanna Urdaneta, TESDA OIC Deputy Director General, stated that the agency has been trying to implement Network Security Associate Level II as part of the Cybersecurity Selected Training Program (STP) in the National Capital Region (NCR). This program is a 120-hour No Training Regulation (NTR) program that is registered through the TESDA-Recognized NCR’s Industry Board. Urdaneta said this implementation has already been going on.

She went on to clarify that graduates of a program that complies with the With Training Regulation (WTR) are eligible to be evaluated for their level of competency and get the appropriate National Certificate.

According to TESDA, a total of three batches comprising a total of 68 scholars were trained on the NTR program that was administered by the Information and Communication Technology and Cybersecurity Industry Association (ICTCIA) in 2021. This training took place in the context of the “Tulong Trabaho” Scholarship Program (TTSP).

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  1. This is the right approach so that more employees or customers understand the importance of cybersecurity and the various services that can provide it. My company recently started using proxy services to solve many issues with the accessibility and anonymity of our work.