League of Legends’ digital currency RP is slated for a price increase, giving avid spenders less or the same amount of the premium currency but, essentially, for more of the cost.

Making the announcement is the game developer and publisher Riot Games itself, stating that beginning August 19, 2022, the value of RP, including TFT Coin, will be seeing price increases “in most Riot regions”.

Surprisingly, these regions will include North America, which previously demonstrated enough stability to keep a steady price on the game’s virtual currencies.

Riot Games attributed the inevitable price increases to factors such as “worldwide inflation, currency fluctuations, maintaining fair prices between and within regions, consistency across our products, and other associated cost increases.”

In other words, due to a bigger influence, that is, the “economic shifts on a global scale.”


To give the player base a clear idea as to the changes in pricing, Riot laid out a table comparing the old and new pricing of RP on August 19.

It is apparent that when the consumer is not paying an extra $0.99 for the amount of RP they used to get, they are instead getting a significant loss to the number of RP they claim for a marginal discount of $0.01.

Source: ComicBook

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