It’s the early 2000s and you could barely focus on your last subject in school because you’re thinking of your PSP waiting for you back home.

If you’ve been through such a scenario, then you’re probably remembering your old PSP console right now that some of you may still possess.

The Playstation Portable (PSP) is a handheld console manufactured and marketed by Sony Computer Entertainment. As its name goes, it’s literally a PlayStation in the palm of your hand. That means bringing the PlayStation experience wherever you go.

Sadly, in the year 2014, the shipment for the said console halted. With many new consoles introduced as gaming companies evolved, the PSP eventually met a decline.

Here are five of the nostalgic PSP games that you might have played.

God of War (Ghost of Sparta & Chains of Olympus)

The God of War franchise has now become a popular game with various titles, but who could forget two of its classics—Chains of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta?

These two titles were first released as PSP games with ‘Chains of Olympus’ focusing on Kratos’ journey to seek the sun god, Helios. On the other hand, ‘Ghost of Sparta’ introduces Kratos’ brother, Deimos, and Kratos’ journey to know about his past.


What makes God of War memorable?

If you’re into mythology (particularly the Greek myths), it’s quite satisfying to hack and slash various mythological icons as well as explore Greek mythology through Kratos.

However, what really makes it memorable is Kratos himself. From the looks to the weapons wielded, it’s safe to say he truly has become a famous icon in the gaming universe.

It really comes to the point when you and your classmates joke around in English class that the god of war’s name is Kratos (it’s Ares, by the way).

Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection & Tekken 6

If you own a PSP or at least you know someone who owns a PSP and does not have either one of these Tekken titles on it is considered a sin.

Kidding aside, Tekken successfully finding its way on a handheld console also found its way to the hearts of many. Even those who haven’t played Tekken via their local arcade learned this epic fighting-game through the PSP.


What makes Tekken memorable?

While Tekken continues to evolve to this day, it is still worth remembering that this was one of the PSP titles that made you and your friends gather around to play and watch.

Tekken on a console was our go-to when we needed to relieve our stress by throwing punches and kicks without having to visit the arcade.

It brought people together—both boys and girls alike—which somehow helped contribute to why Tekken sounds familiar even to those who are not fans.


Monster Hunter (Freedom/Freedom 2/Freedom Unite/Portable 3rd)

Ah, yes, another title that completes the day of anyone who had a PSP back then. Monster Hunter is a role-play franchise that allows you to craft weapons and armor to use against the many monsters you encounter in the game.

Although it seems complicated at first, that being there are really no tutorials to specifically tell you what to do in the beginning, this game does get very addicting once you get the hang of it.


What makes Monster Hunter memorable?

Like most PSP games that have moved on to become bigger and better, Monster Hunter now has various titles and can be played on different platforms.

Still, classic Monster Hunter on the PSP takes us back to when we had no idea how the game works or struggled to defeat monsters with deft skills.

Monster Hunter back then really hits hard with a thrill factor, especially when encountering a monster you have never heard of before and repeating the quest multiple times just to grasp the monster’s movements.

Final Fantasy Dissidia (and 012 Duodecim)

If you are a huge Final Fantasy fan, then these titles were hard to miss. Dissidia was like the Super Smash Bros of the Final Fantasy franchise putting main protagonists and antagonists from past Final Fantasy games in one huge showdown.

Later years, Dissidia came out with 012 Duodecim which adds more playable characters (like Lightning) to the roster. It is also the continuation of the previous Dissidia title. Duodecim is followed by Final Fantasy NT.


What makes Final Fantasy memorable?

Let’s admit that this is a huge thing for Final Fantasy fans—to have the champions from the different Final Fantasy games come together. It was like a gift to the fans.

Plus, there is a new experience in gameplay when it comes to these two titles instead of the usual turn-based RPG that makes the franchise itself memorable.

It was also a great throwback to classic Final Fantasy characters, giving players a fresh experience when encountering them on the PSP.

Silent Hill (Origins & Shattered Memories)

For the horror game lovers out there, Silent Hill is definitely a classic, and bringing it on the PSP allowed for the horror genre of video games to shine even on handheld.

While Origins have the player surviving as Travis Grady searching for a girl he rescued at a burning house, Shattered Memories have players guiding Harry Mason in search of his daughter after a car crash one, snowy evening.

Both eventually leads to the ominous town of Silent Hill and its monstrous inhabitants.


What makes Silent Hill memorable?

Arguably one of the best classic horror games, Silent Hill on the PSP had the bravest of us playing the game under our blankets, in the darkness of our rooms; while others prefer to play it in broad daylight.

Who could forget the fear factor in encountering the ‘residents’ of Silent Hill and narrowly escaping them? Additionally, the games are psychological too, so it adds to the player’s immersion while playing them.

What would you trade to experience these again?

Some of us might have forgotten about our PSP-playing days — whether we personally had one or was borrowing it from family or friends.

Either way, after going through five of the hundreds of games available for this console, I guess you would probably want to have your hands on a PSP again just to relieve your childhood.

Of course, the PSP is not yet fully ‘extinct’ so to speak. There are still people out there who have their original consoles with them or those who are willing to sell them for one reason or the other.

If you still have yours, do us all a huge favor: keep the PSP’s legacy going. You’re definitely one of the lucky ones who still have their PSPs even until today.

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