There are different genres of games much like there are various genres of books and films. There are shooting-based games called First-Person Shooter (FPS) such as Counter Strike, and there are games like League of Legends: Wild Rift or DOTA which fall under a type called Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA).

Then again, there are games that focus more on the cute graphics and relaxing gameplay. These are usually tagged as ‘cozy’ games.

While most games we know are challenging and—as some parents would even call it—violent, cozy games focus more on relaxing the player, perhaps after a stressful event or a long day at work or studies.

Here’s a list of these cozy mobile games you might want to try.

1. Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector


Perhaps the most familiar cozy mobile game to start with is Neko Atsume. As the title suggests (Neko meaning ‘cat’, atsume meaning ‘to collect’ in Nihongo), the goal really is to collect all the cats available in the game.

Developed by Hit-Point Co., Ltd. for both iOS and Android released in the year 2014, it became an instant hit and even a household name during its first few years of release.

The game asks players to purchase different items, cat toys, and cat food to decorate the rooms and attract different cats. This is the kind of game where the player has to refresh or restart the app every now and then to check whether a cat has come to play.

What makes this game addicting and entertaining is the process of collecting various cats with diverse personalities; as well as observing how they interact with the items. The cats would then leave fish, which is the in-game currency used to purchase more items.

Neko Atsume is famous to the point that there are even plushies spotted in anime and cosplay conventions, and fans will recognize these cat plushies right away.

2. Adorable Home


If you haven’t played or heard of Adorable Home, chances are you probably didn’t really play mobile games during the first lockdown.

Developed by HyperBeard and released back in 2020, this next cozy game practically rivaled Neko Atsume with a similar gameplay, but with a lot more features.

It does not only involve collecting cats, but surprise animals can come visit your home and interact with decorations. This game is also unique in terms of allowing players to have a love-life in-game. Plus, it’s LGBTQ+ friendly.

Adorable Home’s story revolves around the player and lover which recently moved to a new home with their pet cat. From there, players can purchase decorations/items and even adopt a new cat.

Players can also engage in mini-games with the cats where they can clip the cat’s nails, give them a shower, and pet try to pet them in the appropriate areas.

3. Penguin Isle


Penguin Isle, developed by HABBY PTE., LTD. is both a cozy and idle game that focuses on creating an island habitat for different penguins the player can unlock in the game.

With its relaxing music and the way the penguins react when you interact with them is enough to reduce your stress and anxiety. If you’re not familiar with idle games, this is another type of game where you can safely exit the app, and it will continuously generate in-game currency for you.

This in-game currency can be used to hatch new penguins, upgrade the island’s amenities, and even upgrade the penguins with roles to generate more ‘income’ whenever you leave the game.

A similar game called ‘Tap Tap Abyssarium’ is a special mention here as both have similar gameplay It’s as if you have a pocket penguin or pocket aquarium (if you’re playing Tap Tap Abyssarium) on your mobile device.

4. Bakery Story/Restaurant Story


One of the most common cozy games is restaurant- or cafe-themed titles such as Baker Story. Why not? It’s about decorating your own bakery and making various pastries, cakes, cuisines, and drinks.

While there are various ‘decorate-your-shop’ games, there is a huge appeal when it comes to restaurant-themed titles, perhaps because it’s food, and one cannot pass up on anything food-related.

Developer Storm8 also delivers because Bakery Story even had a sequel which shows that their Bakery and Restaurant Stories have indeed made their mark among players since its release more than 10 years ago.

With a variety of items to customize your cafe or restaurant, the game creates a kind of friendly competition because it allows players to visit other people’s restaurants to see how well they do. Baker Story and Restaurant Story are indeed classics you can still enjoy today.

5. Harvest Town


Want a mobile game that’s close to the popular Stardew Valley? Look no further because mobile offers a free-to-play Harvest Town.

Harvest Town’s developer, QY Games, really did bring the Stardew Valley vibe in their own pixelated farm-simulator complete with the changing seasons. In this cozy mobile game, the player gets to experience farm life as he/she plants crops, harvests, care for animals, and interact with the NPCs in town.

Farming simulator games, for years, have been classic examples of cozy games across various platforms, yet they never lose appeal and amazingly capture the kind of relaxation one should feel when visiting the province, for example, or even just simply caring for plants at home.

Cozy mobile games effectively help cope with anxiety and stress

I think that cozy games were not given as much thought or highlight, particularly by gamers who are in it for adrenaline-pumping titles not until the global health crisis struck.

It was during stressful (and boring) periods, such as the lockdown, when cozy games’ value was truly appreciated. In fact, it became a way to not only get rid of boredom, but to reduce anxiety, stress, and even depression.

If games, like films and books, are a momentary escape from reality, cozy mobile games combine real-life situations with the opportunity for players to lead the life they want without pressure or fear.

Truly, these kind of games have made their mark even with hardcore gamers.

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