If you are into a thrilling adventure filled with riddles, puzzles, and supernatural nips, you’d love to play escape games that you can get straight into your smartphones. These virtually-built ‘escape room’ games are an incredible way to trigger the adrenaline rush in making your way out of the box through point-and-click clues and objects.

We have rounded up six (6) of our best picks and most reviewed online escape games that you can download this 2022. You may have played its simplest forms before but developers have created a more complex version to give a better gaming experience that contains high-end visuals and exciting plot stories.

All games listed below can be played whether you are using a computer, iPhone, or Android phone.

The House of Da Vinci

Featuring the artworks and working room of Leonardo Da Vinci himself, the House of Da Vinci has been created brilliantly with a gameplay perfect for those who like challenges. It contains a bunch of rooms with no lights, picture puzzles, and actions. The advanced graphics has gained a lot of popularity among its users.


You may have a hard time picking up the small objects inside the room but finding them will be based on riddles that you need to solve at a given time. The level of difficulty for each room increases after a given time frame, and you will have to learn a specific skill set for each of them. The House of Da Vinci premium version costs $4.99 but it’s surely worth the purchase.

Download The House of Da Vinci: Android | iOS | Steam

Rusty Lake

Considered as one of the escape games that you can’t finish in just a couple of days or weeks, Rusty Lake is a series of puzzles that are offered for free (to a certain extent). The whole franchise has a total of nine games but is played differently. However, the game is tied up mainly on the central theme with the fantastic puzzles, object-seeking tasks, and word riddles that will need you to solve them logically.


If you wish to upgrade your Rusty Lake gaming experience, you can purchase its premium version that costs $2.99. Its default version have the same mechanics and graphic requirements but its paid version will not interrupt you for ads. Solving your way out should be easy for those who have great attention to detail and with the right judgment.

Download Rusty Lake: Android | iOS | Steam

Tiny Bang Story

Crafted for kids and young teens, The Tiny Bang Story will let users explore different worlds and animated illustrations. The gameplay will start with a beautiful animation to tell the story of how your character got there. You will be collecting pieces of puzzles scattered all around the places that you will visit on each level.


Some users can finish the game in just a day or two, so you can play it over and over again. Once you have collected everything, you will be putting them up together. But every time you play it, you will discover that you will end up with a different puzzle each time. Interesting, right? It may not need a brilliant mind to accomplish each level but the fun surely sticks every time you play it.

Download Tiny Bang Story: Android | iOS | Steam

The Room

Created by Fireproof Games, The Room remains to be the most popular and iconic game of escape that has ever been made. The gaming industry considers the creation of this game as revolutionary because regular puzzle and clincher apps have improved a lot after it.


Each room may not scare the hell out of you but it is created beautifully with 3D graphics. It has a total of 10 series throughout the game, so you can’t just complete it in a day or so.

Your task is to find a way on how to collect puzzles in each room that you are trapped in before you can escape it at a given time. The game may even throw you dollhouses and Pandora boxes that contain many details that you have to watch out for. This means that whatever you will learn from the previous level will be applied to the next one as well.

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The Room premium version will cost you for $10.00 but it will allow you to access new room installments, more authentic rooms to explore, and other multiple features you will surely be interested with. It is previously called ‘Old Sins’ on its older Android version.  

Download The Room: Android | iOS | Steam

The Toymaker’s Mansion

As the newest game on our list of online escape games, The Toymaker’s Mansion takes your regular ‘room’ game on a higher notch. The player will be required to arrange the room in an orderly manner before you will be allowed to exit. Once you can enter the next room, you will be doing things differently as the game is designed to twist your brain.


If you got the wrong match or arrangement in the past room but you were able to exit for the next room, the next room will cause you problems with finding the objects and puzzle pieces. So, make sure to fix everything up before you exit the room and carefully look into each detail as it will be useful in the next room.


You will be traveling through 144 rooms on four different mansions which have distinct features. The plot also contains an adventurous narrative where you can end up with two different endings. The basic version is free to download but the premium version of The Toymaker’s Mansion costs $4.99.

Download the Toymaker’s Mansion: Android | iOS | Steam



Anyone who is up for a serious and breath-taking challenge for your online escape games, you can try playing the Machinarium. The app is available on the App Store with a minimum cost of $4.99, which is a lifetime purchase on your Apple account. Your friends or relatives can download it on their device as long as your Apple ID is logged in, or if you set up family sharing.

Download Machinarium: Android | iOS | Steam

Machinarium will let you explore on-screen puzzles for every room where you can control a charming robot. Completing the challenge will let you find the ‘lady friend’ at the end of it. It may have a similar plot with The Room but it teases your brain through its logical riddles and detailed objects. Most of its users leave a good review after completing it, so it should be worth your while to test it out.

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