Nintendo’s library of titles has seen a dramatic increase throughout the years since its release and is most apparent in its digital storefront, the Nintendo eShop.

But a large number does not always equate to quality. Especially within the Nintendo-owned digital store, which is quite literally littered with poor quality titles that are there seemingly for attention and little of anything else.

For many, the idea of showcasing games that people do not even bother to consider or, if do, are only noticed for their extremely low pricing is just a waste of space and would only tarnish the eShop’s reputation as a source of superior, highly-entertaining titles.

Nintendo eShop

One game developer, however, claims that Nintendo is imposing a new rule to the eShop to address the issue, which basically sets a minimum pricing to its overall gallery of titles.

Through its strict implementation, no video game title will be priced at $1.99 or lower, subsequently removing certain titles appearing on the “best seller list” simply because they’re dirt cheap.

Nintendo is yet to officially put up a statement regarding the new guideline as of the moment.

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