Exactly two months prior to November 13, 2020, we talked about how Nintendo is planning to bring back one of its classic handhelds when we covered the Nintendo Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros. Edition.

Back then, we briefly covered the topic for its premise and what its modern take is as a small piece of gadget that’s aimed for entertainment in addition to aesthetic and utilitarian functionalities for added bonus.

Flash to the future from then, the Nintendo Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros. has finally left the oven and is going for an international release, including the Philippines.


Speaking of Philippine release, the revitalized handheld is now available at local retailer, DataBlitz, and is priced at Php5,795.

That price tag might seem way more than the product’s global pricing of $49.99, which roughly translates to Php2,500 when converted to Philippine Peso. However, considering the factors at play with regards to the import of the product, not to mention the limited supply, it’s fairly obvious why the tiny gadget is getting a skyrocketed cost.

Nintendo fanboys who are keen on reliving the nostalgia or are trying to generate experience the first time can expect the limited-edition Nintendo Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros. as well as a USB AC Adapter out-of-the-box with the purchase

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