Nexplay, a Filipino tech startup, revealed that they have a new president and co-founder that will be at the helm as the company aims to expand and start a new funding round.

The job landed to Miguel Bernas, who has a 25-year experience in the media and entertainment industry and is also an early investor of Nexplay. Bernas apparently worked with a couple of world-renowned names like CNBC and MTV.

As per the company, they are already operating profitably with their revenues growing at 150% YoY. With Bernas help, the company wants to make more money as it plans to expand into NFTs, blockchain gaming, and Web3.0.


For those who don’t know, Nexplay operates a mobile streaming app that works alongside an e-commerce website. They also run a talent and acquisition management that signs gamers and influencers. As of recently, the company has started organizing tournaments.

In a statement, CEO and Founder Gabriel Benito greeted Bernas by saying “Miguel has been part of our team, backing us when all we had was a prototype and being one of our earliest investors,”

He added that “To have him step up into a more active role and bring his global media experience to Nexplay will be a huge benefit to the team.” 

Bernas then said that the company “is looking to bolster its esports ecosystem and enhance its professional esports teams and content creator offerings to brands and advertisers.”

Via: Esquire Philippines

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