One of the very basics when playing Axie Infinity is Energy, which is an important resource when playing in both Adventure and Arena modes. While a simple concept, you need to master the use of Energy so you can maximize your SLP earnings every day.

How do I increase my maximum Energy? How do I use my Energy wisely? We’ll answer these questions and explore everything you need to know about Energy in Axie Infinity.  

What is Energy in Axie Infinity?

Energy is a resource in Axie Infinity that is needed to earn certain rewards in the game. If you play in Adventure mode with Energy, you can earn EXP to level up your Axies and up to 50 Smooth Love Potions (SLPs) every day. If you play without Energy, you can only earn SLPs.

If you play in Arena mode with Energy, you can earn SLPs as well as an increase in rank in the leaderboards. But if you play without Energy, you can only rise in rank but not earn any SLPs. 

Every player has a cap to the amount of Energy they can have, with a recharge every few hours. This cap puts a limit to how much SLPs players can earn and how much they can level up their Axies per day, which is important in maintaining the economy within the game. 

Note: This article only serves as an informational guide to those who want to know more about Axie Infinity. Cryptocurrency is highly volatile and the money you will invest may go up/down depending on the market. Don’t spend money you can’t afford to lose.

How does Energy work?

Your Energy resource is indicated by the lightning bolt symbol in the game. Beginner players start with 20/20 energy per day.

Every Arena battle or Adventure level that you play will consume 1 Energy. Whether you win or you lose the battle in Arena, 1 Energy will be consumed. But for Adventure mode, you will only consume energy if you win.

Remember that when you run out of Energy, you can still enter battles in both Adventure and Arena, you just don’t earn certain rewards.

Difference between the daily energy and energy in-game

Axie Infinity actually has two things called Energy, that’s why a lot of new players get confused. The first ‘energy’ we talked about is the 20 energy you get every day that you can use to farm in adventure and arena mode. The other one is the ‘energy’ of your Axie team in-game.

The 20 energy for your Axie team resets every 8AM and you can only increase it by getting more Axies. The energy in-game starts at 3 for the first round, then you get 2 energy for each round you play.


How do I increase my maximum Energy?

There is only one way to increase your maximum daily Energy, and this is by owning more Axies in your inventory. Take a look at how much you can increase your Energy cap with more Axies: 

Number of Axies OwnedDaily Energy
3 to 9 Axies20
10 to 19 Axies40
20+ Axies60

All of your Axies are counted in your inventory, no matter its level, stats, or other attributes. So as long as you meet the required number of Axies, you can increase your daily Energy.

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How do I use my Energy wisely in Axie Infinity?

Because you only have a limited amount of energy that you can use every day, you have to make sure to use it wisely so you can maximize your daily earnings. Here are some tips and tricks that you can follow so you can make the most out of your Energy.  

#1 Commit to playing in Adventure mode first if you are a beginner. 

When you play in Adventure mode with Energy, you get to earn EXP (as well as SLP) when you win a Ruin level. This is important because EXP is essential if you want to level up your Axie. Higher-level Axies earn more SLPs for every high level Ruin win in Adventure mode, which makes it easier to reach the maximum of 50 SLP you can earn through Adventure mode every day. 

RuinsSLP Earned Per Win
1 – 41 SLP
5 – 92 SLP
10 – 14 4 SLP
15 – 166 SLP
17 – 20 5 – 10 SLP
20 +10 – 20 SLP 

For beginner players who only have “floor” Axies, it is recommended to first use your Energy for farming EXP in Adventure mode instead of playing battles in Arena mode. It will be difficult to win battles in Arena mode with your floor Axies, so it is better to dedicate your time and Energy to farm EXP first and level up your Axies, while you reach the 50 SLP daily cap in Adventure mode. 

When you earn enough SLPs, you can then choose if you want to invest and buy better Axies, which can make playing and winning in Arena mode much easier. 

#2 Find your comfort levels in Adventure mode. 

Because each level in Adventure mode consumes 1 Energy, you have to make sure that you’re playing a Ruin level that you know you’re going to win in to avoid wasting time. These easier levels are sometimes called your “comfort levels”. The good news is you won’t consume energy when you lose in adventure mode, so you can try again.


Find the farthest Ruin level that you know you can always win in. The higher the Ruin level, the more EXP you can earn with every win. When you’ve located this Ruin level, you can then spam this level so you can earn the most EXP (and SLP) possible every day. 

An efficient way to find your comfort level is by playing different Ruin levels when you’re already out of Energy. Because you can still play Adventure mode levels without Energy, you can use this time to test out different levels that you’re comfortable in. 

Players will have different comfort levels depending on their Axie teams and strategies, so it’s important to find the levels that work for you.  

#3 Switch to Arena mode when you can already reach the maximum SLP in Adventure mode quickly. 

When you have already leveled up your Axies that you can easily and quickly reach the 50 SLP daily limit in Adventure mode, switch to spending your Energy in Arena mode first so you can maximize your SLP earnings. When you play in Arena mode with Energy, you get to earn SLPs, as well as increase your MMR for the leaderboards. But whenever you play Arena without energy, you can gain or decrease your MMR as well.

Remember that you can still earn SLPs in Adventure mode even if you play without Energy, so keep playing in Arena mode and only switch back to Adventure mode if you no longer have Energy. This is if you no longer need to level up your Axies any further. Most players stop leveling up their Axies when they’ve reached levels 20 to 25. 

We hope that this comprehensive guide can help you make the most out of your Energy in Axie Infinity so you can fully master the basics of the game. If you have any questions, let us know and we’ll help you out.

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