At long last, Filipinos can now get a driver’s license with a longer validity of 10 years in PH.

Thanks to the new Republic Act 10930 that was signed way back in 2017, drivers in the Philippines can now apply for a license that has a 10-year validity. But, not everyone can just go ahead and have one, as there are some important conditions that they have to meet.

The Land Transportation Office (LTO) has also announced new requirements and conditions regarding the license validity in the country. This guide will help you learn more about these changes.


Am I qualified to get a 10 year driver’s license?

Whether you’re qualified to apply for a 10-year driver’s license will depend on your behavior on the road. Your eligibility status is actually very easy to check. If you know you don’t have any violations or tickets, you’re good to go.

But if you’re not sure, you can check if you have demerit points via the LTMS Portal. You can set up an account by entering your license number, expiry, and DL serial number — all can be found on your license card.

Bear in mind that they are very firm about this, you must have an absolute zero traffic record or demerit points to get this prolonged driver’s license validity.

This requirement is really important since one o the main reasons behind a 10-year license is to incentivize people who are good on the road. After all, the government wants to promote road safety and follow traffic rules.

But if you have a record, then you have to settle for the standard 5-year validity period.

What are the requirements to get a 10-year driver’s license?

Comprehensive Drivers Education

From now on, those who are getting a new or renewing their driver’s license will have to take Comprehensive Driver’s Education (CDE), whether it’s for the 10-year or standard 5-year validity.

CDE Certificate

You can get the CDE seminar either online or on-site. It’s available for free on Driver Education Centers or for a specified amount on LTO-accredited driving schools. The seminars may take as long as 5 hours and may consist of written or video materials.

After the seminar, you should pass a written exam. To do so, go to the LTMS Portal, register, get the CDE exam materials and take it. It’s a 25-item exam regarding local traffic rules in the country. If you fail, you can retake the exam until you pass.

After you pass the exam, you’d then be rewarded with the CDE certificate, which will be sent via email. Have it printed and take it with you when you head to the LTO office.



Medical Certificate

This one is relatively easier to get. You can get a medical certificate in LTO-accredited clinics and physicians. You can get this on your way to the LTO office as there’s most likely an accredited clinic near the area. But if you want to take it in advance, here’s a list of eligible clinics.

Getting a medical certificate will only cost about Php500 since they will only test basic things like your vision and take your weight and height.

How much are the fees to get a 10-year driver’s license

While the validity has been extended and you’re now required to have a CDE certificate, the application process is essentially the same, even the fees you need to pay. You can check out the estimated cost below.

  • Comprehensive Driver’s Education: Free (LTO)
  • Medical exam (for medical certificate): Php500
  • License fee: Php585
  • Computer fee: Php67
  • Application fee: Php100
  • Additional computer fee: Php67
  • Estimated total cost: Php820

Where can you apply for a 10-year driver’s license


Starting October 28, drivers can get their license with 10-year validity in LTO’s Central Office-Licensing Section and in the Quezon Licensing Center. It was expanded to LTO offices in NCR on November 3, and in more locations across the Philippines soon.

Steps to get a 10-year driver’s license in the Philippines

Step 1: Once you know you’re eligible and have all the requirements (see above), head on to an LTO office. As of writing, only the offices in NCR are eligible.

Step 2: Once at the office, go to Windows 1 and present your CDE and Medical certificate, along with your old driver’s license if you have one.

Step 3: Wait for your number to be called in Window 7, where they will confirm if you’re actually eligible to get a 10-year license. Once cleared, you have to pay for the Php585 renewal fee.

Step 4: You’d be instructed to proceed to the windows where you have to register your biometrics. They will present to you all your details for checking. Once confirmed, all you have to do is wait for a little while until they hand to you our new license with 10-year validity right there and then.

That’s it, you can now enjoy your new driver’s license that doesn’t need renewal for another ten years. If you have any questions, let us know in the comments section below.

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