While smartphone chipsets become more and more powerful with every generation, it looks like no one is taking the time to improve a phone’s cooling technology. This part is actually essential because, as a processor becomes more powerful, it becomes hotter, too.

Thankfully, Xiaomi came up with the Loop LiquidCool tech, which apparently brings twice the cooling efficiency compared to standard vapor chambers by improving the basic heat pipes.


As you can see on the layout above, as the chipset heats up, the liquid evaporates and turns into hot gas, which then cools down to the condenser and becomes cool liquid again.

One of the main innovations here is the use of the Tesla valves, which ensures that it circulates the right way. This means that the hot air and cool liquid don’t just mix all together, resulting in poor cooling efficiency — a problem on regular vapor chambers.


To see it in action, Xiaomi put it in a customized Mix 4. After running Genshin Impact at 60fps with max video settings for half an hour, it recorded a maximum temperature of 47.7 degree celsius, which is 8.6 degrees cooler than the regular Mix 4.

As per Xiaomi, its Loop LiquidCool tech has a flexible design and can be created to accommodate other components. Its pretty thin and compact design will give more room to other parts like battery, cameras, and others while keeping the overall device relatively thin.

We shall see the first products with Xiaomi Loop LiquidCool technology by the 2nd half of 2022.

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