Axie Infinity is one of the hottest games in the country today. Why? Because it lets you make real money while playing.

Axie Infinity is a play-to-earn game that lets you earn digital tokens called Smooth Love Potions (SLP) while you play. SLP can be traded for real-world money like USD and PHP.

But before you can start, you have to own a team, which requires an initial investment of around Php30,000 or more at the time of writing. Then, as you start playing, you’d also start earning SLP, which is worth around Php4.58 as of today.

That’s why we’re not surprised to hear that teams and SLPs are being stolen from players and scholars.


There are a couple of ways cybercriminals can hack your Axie Infinity account. There’s phishing, fake Ronin wallets, and more. Once they have access, they will either transfer it to a different account via the game’s gifting feature or sell them in the marketplace.

So to keep your hard-earned Axie investments and earnings safe, here are a couple of things you can do to keep it secure.

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Note: This article only serves as an informational guide to those who want to know more about Axie Infinity. Cryptocurrency is highly volatile and the money you will invest may go up/down depending on the market. Don’t spend money you can’t afford to lose.

How to keep your Axie teams and earnings safe from hackers

Avoid being a phishing victim

Phishing happens when a hacker or cyber criminal pretends to be a legit or trusted entity. They will make you open an email, message, or link that you think is harmless, but actually aren’t.

To avoid becoming a victim, always double-check any link or messages you receive before you open them. A quick Google search to see if the email address or link you’re about to open is legit can already provide great confirmation.


Also, you should only download Axie-related extensions like Ronin and Metamask from the official Google Extension store and not from third-party sources.

Keep your login credentials safe

This is basically your first line of defense. It’s very important to keep your email login, password, and seed phrases a secret. As an extra measure, you shouldn’t save a copy of your login credentials on your phone (notes, screenshots, etc.). If you’re forgetful, write them on a piece of paper.

It’s also best to change your password as much as you can. If you can do it weekly or even monthly, that’ll make it extra secure. Experts also suggest that your password should consist of three random words to make it harder to crack.

In addition, none from the game’s developer, Sky Mavis, will ever ask for your Secret Recovery Phrase, so never share it with anyone that pretends to be them.

Get yourself a physical key (hardware wallet)

A hard key or hardware wallet is a physical device that can keep your private keys for digital wallets. Like writing passwords on paper instead of saving on your phones, keeping things offline means they cannot be hacked.

Having a hardware wallet also means that no one from anywhere in the world can authorize your crypto transactions unless they have your physical key.


Developer Sky Mavis backs the use of Trezor hardware for this level of protection. Although, it costs a hefty amount of around Php5,000 to Php6,000. But considering all the Axie Infinity assets it will be protecting, it should be a worthy investment.

Use a trusted platform when trading tokens

When buying, selling, or exchanging tokens, it’s best to use trusted and well-known platforms like Binance.

Transacting with strangers from the internet can be risky, and we’ve heard a lot of stories where people got scammed. But if you can find a trusted one, it can be considered as safe as well.

Pick a trusty scholar

Managers, the ones who make the initial investment, should do their due diligence in picking the right scholars, the people who are piloting the game to keep it running. Managers should ensure that they’re trustworthy and will not run away with their assets.

Giving the QR code as well as the email and password of the Axie Infinity account is okay, as long as you don’t share your Ronin and Metamask wallet seed phrase with anyone. This way, only you can authorize transactions on your Axie Infinity account.

Make sure to warn your scholars to never use cheating software and multi-accounts, which may be grounds for a complete ban. When your Axies get banned, your investment and ability to earn SLP will be gone too.

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