Streaming giant YouTube just announced that its Music App will get the background playback feature for free.

Currently, YouTube Music only allows users to have background playback when they’re subscribed to YouTube Premium. Now, it will be available for free.

This feature allows users to minimize the app or go to a different one as it continues to play. No disruption.

However, it comes with a caveat. Like everything that’s free on the internet, the free tier will come with ads to make up for the missed earnings. The feature will first arrive in Canada this November 3.

If you hate ads, you can subscribe to YouTube Premium for Php159 per month. The best part is, as of writing, it comes with a generous 4-month free trial.

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The paid subscription sets you free from annoying ads, enables background playback without strings attached, plus, unlimited downloads so you can take your favorite content offline.

YouTube’s subscription service also comes in a Family Plan for 5 members and costs Php239 per month. It has a month of free trial.

If you want something cheaper, you can also check out the Student Plan for Php95 per month with an annual verification requirement.

But if you want to experience background playback that’s completely free, you can check out the YouTube Music Vanced.

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