With the official YouTube Music app, playing music in the background is only possible if you have a premium account. That’s a subscription of ₱159 per month (or ₱95 if you are a student). If spending that much isn’t an option for you, then there’s an alternative that still allows you to listen to music from YouTube even when you’re using a different app or your screen is off. It’s called YouTube Music Vanced.

What is YouTube Music Vanced?

Per its developers, YouTube Music Vanced is a modified version of the YouTube Music app. As such, this modded app comes with several features that are also present in the official app. There are also extra features that make YouTube Vanced Music the better choice. These include the built-in ad blocker and the ability to play music in the background, both of which are available for free.

For uninterrupted video playback, you’ll want to check out YouTube Vanced, which is still made by the same developers.

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How do you install YouTube Music Vanced?

Step 1: Go to the official Vanced website at https://vancedapp.com.

Step 2: On your Android device, download the Vanced Manager APK.

Step 3: Open the APK file to install.

Step 4: Open Vanced Manager, press Let’s Get Started, and tick the YouTube Music Vanced checkbox.

Step 5: Follow the next instructions, depending on whether your device is rooted or not.

Step 6: Download and install Vanced MicroG.

Step 7: Download and install YouTube Music Vanced.

If all goes well, you should have the app now in your device. After signing in with your Google account, you can now listen to music in the background and without any ad interruptions.

For several of the steps above, your Android device may stop you from opening the APK files. That’s because by default Android does not allow installing an app obtained outside the Google Play Store. You’ll need to go to Settings, and then find and enable Install Unknown Apps.

Is YouTube Music Vanced compatible with Huawei/Honor devices?

Yes, YouTube Music Vanced works with Huawei/Honor devices that do not have native Google Mobile Services (including YouTube) due to the U.S. trade ban. There’s just a slightly different step during installation: at the login wizard, a Huawei button is available to sign in with sideloaded Google Play Services.

Where can I learn more about YouTube Music Vanced?

The developers and the community behind this unofficial YouTube Music app have active discussions at XDA-Developers, Discord, and Telegram. For the latest updates and news on the app, be sure to check those places first. Avoid various fake Vanced websites out there that install malware-infested versions of the app.

There’s gotta be a catch, right? Well, YouTube Vanced Music is not perfect. For starters, it has a lot of known issues, such as white splash screens, and connection errors. Downloading music is mostly unavailable. In the limited instances that it is available, downloading music still requires YouTube Premium.

Where can I get an iOS version of YouTube Music Vanced?

Unfortunately, iOS does not readily have YouTube Vanced and Vanced Music. iOS users will have to jailbreak and use additional software to run Vanced.

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