As more of our activities — from our personal, school, or even professional and business life — are being conducted online, password hacking has been one of the main criminal activities in the world right now.

So to keep your business profiles and/or other accounts safe, the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) is reminding everyone that using three random words is still one of the most secure passwords you can ever use.

The group cites that such passwords have the perfect length, impact, novelty, and usability that makes them hard to crack and easy to remember.

What’s more, the NCSC says that such passwords can be safe from the common ways hackers crack passwords. Since they are long, brute-force hacking techniques will have a tougher time cracking them out.

Also, if you use word substitutions like 5 for S or ! for 1 — which commonly present on single-word passwords — hackers can actually crack them easily.


Moreover, what makes three-word passwords easier to remember is that you can adopt or associate them to the sites you’re using them, so you don’t have to use a single password on everything just to remember them.

You can read the NCSC’s full report here.

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