In light of the growing popularity of FaceApp with its recently introduced “gender swap” feature which gives individuals an insight of what they would look like in an opposite gender, Kaspersky is warning users to treat their facial exposure with sensitivity.

The issue boils down to the fact that an individual’s face can essentially be used as a “password” that could compromise their digital security.

With many people making use of the app for amusement and sharing them online through social media, it raises concern at how people’s supposedly sensitive data are being exposed for the world to see.

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As per Kaspersky’s SEA General Manager, Yeo Siang Tiong, there is actually no real harm in using the said app. However, the manager asks people to be prudent and conservative in sharing their private information to offset any risk.

A senior security analyst at Kaspersky named Fabio Assolini claims that there is nothing malicious to be found in the contents of FaceApp. But also comes to remind everyone that our individual face can indeed be used as a password to authenticate an illicit access to our supposedly “secure” device.

Consequently, Assolini also warns everyone of downloading only the app from its legitimate source and not elsewhere before jumping into the bandwagon of the ongoing social media trend #FaceAppChallenge.

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