Following an altercation that resulted to a damage on property over the game of Pokemon GO in Hokkaido, Japan, 56-year old Kanehisa Satoh was arrested by the police after a 55-year old friend reported the assault involving himself.

The two middle-aged Pokemon GO players first met while playing the same game several years ago.

According to a report by Sankei, the fight began in a stopped car in what appears to be a misunderstanding over the game. 


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“I got pissed because he had gone ahead and took my encampment,” said Satoh. And because his friend took his place as the gym leader, he snapped.

The victim described the attack as involving him getting grabbed by the chest and then having his car’s side-mirror kicked, resulting to it getting broken. When he called the police, they rushed into the scene and arrested the suspect.

Via: Kotaku

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