More than a year since its initial release, Ragnarok Origin is finally coming to Southeast Asia.

For the 20th anniversary release of Ragnarok Online, Gravity Game Hub announced that it will be finally bringing the sequel, Ragnarok Origin, to the SEA region. Fans have been waiting long for this and in fact, some reactions on Facebook said that it may be already too late as the hype has already died down.



The game was first released in Macau, Hong Kong, and Taiwan back in September 2021. A success, it became the top free game on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

For its SEA release, Ragnarok Origin will feature different enhancements and improvements like online and offline rewards, and special in-game events that will celebrate the launch of the game.


To give you a nostalgia kick, the new game — which is based on one of the best classic MMORPGs — retained some favorite aspects from the original Ragnarok Online. There’s the classic art style, soundtrack, pets, gameplay, crafting system, and a whole lot more.

But since it’s still a more modern game, it has optimized classic scenes, monsters, and characters, and will come with new visuals.

The Ragnarok Origin Global will be available for pre-registration soon, so make sure you follow their official Facebook page for more updates.

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