The new Ragnarok Origin game is now available for Android and iOS users, but there’s a catch. The said mobile game is hugely based on the original Ragnarok Online, a game launched almost two decades ago.

It offers upgrades when it comes to graphics and content. It even received positive feedback from those who participated in its beta tests before its launch.

However, there’s a caveat — Ragnarok Origin is only available in South Korea as of the moment. To add, developers have stated that there won’t be an international version, at least for now. 

This is indeed an unfortunate thing for fans outside of South Korea. However, if you want to play it, here are steps on how to do the trick. 


Step 1

Download any VPN app that uses either a South Korea or Japan server. Examples are Nord VPN, VPN Korea, Solo VPN, Express VPN, Urban VPN, etc.

Step 2

To translate the app to English, download any Korean-English translator app.

Step 3

Get the Ragnarok Origin APK from Taptap or Qoo App and install it.

Step 4

Open your VPN and connect it to a South Korea or Japan server.

Step 5

Make sure that your VPN is running. Afterwards, launch the Ragnarok Original app.


Step 6

You need to wait for a while as the game will start to patch. Make sure not to turn off your VPN.

Step 7

Once the patch is done, you’ll be directed to your home screen. Choose your server and you can start playing.

Note that there’s no need to use your VPN the second time around. You only need it if there’s a new patch for the game.

Voila! It’s that easy and you may now play the game. As previously mentioned, there are no plans on the global version. Hopefully, Ragnarok Origin become successful in Korea so that the devs will release it to the international market.

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