It seems to be a tradition that a new Ragnarok game is launched every month or so in some place around the world. Gravity’s launch of the Ragnarok Origin is set for July 7 in South Korea.

Ragnarok Origin is a modern version of the classic MMORPG PC game with 3D graphics update. The classic pixel avatars has been replaced with some comprehensive 3D models, that will remind you of the excitement from the original 2D artwork. This update is aimed at giving its fans a more comprehensive experience with improved character models, environment, effects and new features.

The closest copy of the original Ragnarok Online PC game is most likely the Ragnarok Origin. It has already gone through 2 Closed Beta Testing (CBT) phases and players who participated in the test gave positive feedback. The support the company received has given them green light for an official launch of the game.

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A representative of Gravity stated that after Ragnarok M was launched, 2019 became the highest grossing year since then. As a result, it predicted that in 2020, Ragnarok Origin will be another box office hit. The most Ragnarok of the Ragnarok series ever released is going to be the Ragnarok Origin, due to improved graphics and playability. 

Features of Ragnarok Origin

  • A close replica of the classic Ragnarok Online
  • Encounter a new look Ragnarok with upgraded gameplay.
  • Feel the emotion of the original story as you play through the cycle
  • With beautiful and massive scale graphics to explore famous cities of Ragnarok reborn
  • With skills like gardening, fishing and mining you will enjoy life’s fantasies.

There’s no information as to when the launch of Ragnarok Origin will happen for the global and Southeast Asia market. But as expected, Gravity might just pull a feat and announce the launch of the game on the same day.

Ragnarok Origin will be available to both Android and iOS.

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