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7 zombie games you should play right now


Many people enjoy strange action-packed games feasting on corpse-hunting and slaughtering the undead. Some are scary but others are just pure fun but the gaming experience you can get will make you come back for more.

If movies and series like Resident Evil, World War Z, Train to Busan, and Walking Dead have thrilled your bones, taking the shoes of the person killing the zombies through these games will delight you even more.  Ready your gaming PCs and gaming consoles then choose your best bet among these 7 zombie games for 2020.

Project Zomboid (For PCs)

Created in 2011, Project Zomboid is your classic zombie game that features pixelated graphic animations. Your character’s death is unavoidable when you finish the storyline of the gameplay. There is no helicopter or bright light that will save you from your journey against the walking corpses.


It can be played by a single player or ask a friend to join you as it’s online-based. The game will require you to build your fort and raise your resources on your backyard farm. You can go scavenging on nearby towns and neighbors as long as you can survive or your resources will run out. It’s a game of luck against the ‘walkers’ with other survivors if there were any.

World War Z (For PS4, PC, Xbox One)  

Based on the 2013 blockbuster movie of Brad Pitt and its novel from 2006, World War Z will let you kill a massive population of zombies with your weapons. This means you have to upgrade your character and weapon like the Left 4 Dead game. Just like the movie, you will find a herd of running zombies on the streets that can quickly catch and prey on you.

You can select a specific class depending on your progress as you will be moving on a storyline to make the game more exciting. You can take the role of the Slasher where you can get plus points for your health by taking out zombies continuously. Then, you can play as the Fixer who puts traps to the secure spots or the other four characters. Whoever you wanted to be on the game, you will earn your level up points until you reach your final destination where there will be no more running from rotten corpses.

Dying Light (For PS4, PC, Xbox One)  

Known as the zombie-killing game on the wheels, Dying Light will let you run over flocks of zombies while you are driving your customized ride. You can bump every zombie you encounter and leave them into chunks on the streets and fields. If you love the Need for Speed car-racing game, you will love this as you can also perform jumps and tricks using your car.

The game’s plot is unique as it’s the only gaming title you can get where zombie-killing and driving are possible. In addition, you will get thrilled about the cult that you will be sneaking and investigating. Why? Because they are immune from the virus that transforms your neighbors into zombies. You’ll love playing it as the story gets more complicated as you progress.

Urban Dead (For PCs)

As a browser and MMORPG-based zombie game, the Urban Dead has been in the industry since 2005 hosting the endless battle between the survivors and the walking undead. Many players say that gameplay has an intense plot where you need to balance your walk-trip, barricading, and protecting yourself from the zombies.

Just like any action game, you have to keep on hitting the zombies to reduce their health and have them killed once and for all. Be careful as not all zombies have the same health points as it depends on their size and height. It will also teach you how to be socially active with other survivors who are also playing the game at the same time so you can survive together.

Death Road to Canada (For PS4, PC, Xbox One, Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch)  

Journeying from Florida to the land of Maple (Canada) while battling with zombies has never been this good. Death Road to Canada generates random plotlines of your road trip where you can meet strangers on the streets which you can recruit to go with you. Each character involved in your game will have a life status that can affect yours too while you cut off the zombie’s heads.


The games appear to be more exciting as you can even get a dog or little beasts to fight beside you during the apocalypse. You just have to secure your resources like food, gas, and water for your survival which makes your life riskier and deadly. But you can also do some GTA-style car-jacking moments along the road if you wanted to. Just remember that Canada is your safest place to go so avoid making side trips.

Zombie Frontier (For PC, Android, iOS)   

The ‘aim, move, and shoot’ method is your primary strategy to survive Zombie Frontier for your ultimate zombie slaughtering experience. Your guns get upgraded every time you accomplish a mission. Just make sure to finish each mission on the designated level so you can save your progress.

Also, you will learn some budgeting skills as converting your weapon into a stronger one means purchasing ammo or armor on the store. You don’t have to worry as you will earn your money straight to your characters’ pocket every kill and success percentage. Eliminating more zombies will give you a larger amount so make sure to kill all those zombies.

Last Day on Earth (For PC, Android, iOS)   

Taking the game’s title literally, the Last Day on Earth will let you play a third RPG persona where you will start from nothing and upgrade your character by winning each level. Just like all the games mentioned above, you will learn how to loot and roam around while you craft your home strategically and scientifically. You will be getting a map so you will know where you should come back after spending a day outside your camp.

A good feature of the game is called the ‘auto mode’ where your character can automatically move all by himself to loot and collect resources around your camp. It’s just like a game playing in itself so you have to kill all the zombies first. Just survive as it’s your last day on earth, so manage your third and hunger or everything will go wrong.


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