Raidmax and its parent company Raidcom Technologies has finally introduced to the Philippines one of their bestsellers, the Raidmax Drakon gaming chairs.

Known for providing the industry with the best solutions from computer cases, computer power supplies, accessories, Raidmax surely equips these new gaming chairs with superb quality.

Kensonic Inc., the distributor of Raidmax Drakon gaming chairs in the Philippines, wants to give Filipino gamers a more relaxing and enjoyable gaming experience. According to the company, study shows that there is an increase in the demand for gaming accessories since the incredible rise in popularity of online multiplayer games.


Raidmax Drakon gaming chairs feature faux-leather skin and bucket type seats for comfort both for gaming and work. It has a 90 to 180-degree adjuster and the armrest’s height is also adjustable. In addition, there’s also a tilt locking mechanism and a gas-spring cylinder. For extra support, it houses a headrest pillow and lumbar cushion which can ensure comfortable gaming experience.

The Raidmax Drakon DK 709 comes in four colors – red, blue, green, and orange. It can be yours for a price of Php8,750. Meanwhile, the Raidmax Drakon DK 706 with a price of Php7,895 has more colors to choose from namely; blue, green, red, orange, white, and yellow.

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