Remember RF Online? Nearly two decades after its original release, the South Korean MMORPG is set to receive a sequel.

Mobile gaming app publisher Netmarble revealed the upcoming RF Online Next at the G-Star 2023 gaming trade show in Busan. Attendees at the Busan Exhibition and Convention Center were treated to an early look at this anticipated game, which is currently in development.

As the sequel, Next promises to stay true to the original’s blend of fantasy and sci-fi, introducing six unique bionic suits with special skills for dynamic gameplay. Players will have the ability to summon giant robots in large-scale battles as battlefield assistants or as pilotable units. Further enhancing strategic elements to the realm-versus-realm gameplay is the included a free-flight system.

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RF Online Next also caters to story enthusiasts with a rich narrative experience, featuring detailed in-game cutscenes and cinematic battles. Veteran players may experience some nostalgia, as Next brings back characters from the original game. But unlike the 2004 release, which was limited to a single planet, the sequel expands its universe to include various space settings, promising a grander scale of planetary warfare.

Though slated to go online in 2024 on PC, iOS, and Android, RF Online Next has not yet confirmed a global launch date. In the meantime, fans can view game trailers on YouTube and stay updated through the official website,

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