Slam Dunk mobile game is going global, pre-registration now open


Play as your favorite team from the popular Japanese anime, Slam Dunk, as its official mobile game rendition is going global—giving players the chance to experience the anime sports title in their cutesy form for mobile devices.

Blessed by the franchise owner Toei Animation, the game is built from the ground-up by the mobile game experts at DeNA.

As a sport game about basketball, Slam Dunk mobile game features various game modes such as 1v1 Solo Match, 2v2 Duo Match, 3v3 Half-Court, 3v3 Full Court, 5v5 Full-Court, and more.

Players who feel like getting a refresher on the franchise’s story may want to engage in the game’s story campaign and compete against AI across 10 chapters.

But players who are more into cooperative play can choose to enjoy the game’s co-op mode, which lets players play in hand in hand with one another. 


Alternatively, players can also choose to play against other people in tournaments and prove themselves to be the best in mobile basketball.

Anyone who is interested in experiencing the Slam Dunk mobile game can now register their interest to download in the Google Play Store.

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