After coming up with bizarre designs and clever camera counts and placements, the industry is finally focusing on one key component of smartphones — the battery. Xiaomi is one of those at the forefront.

Today, they demoed the Xiaomi 80W Mi Wireless Charging technology. It’s not as fast as their wired 100W Super Charge Turbo but bear in mind that this one is wireless.


It easily dethrones the current fastest wireless charging tech in the market, the OPPO 65W AirVOOC wireless charge.

Xiaomi demoed its 80W charger on a modified Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro, which comes with a 4,000mAh. In the demo video below, you can see the device managed to reach from 1% to 50% charge in only 8 minutes, while a full 100% charge will only take 19 minutes.

The charger itself has a slanting L-shaped design, instead of lying flat on the table, so you can see the new “80W Max” charging logo on the display, or whatever’s on your screen.

Also, achieving these speeds can accumulate a lot of heat. With that, we suspect there’s a cooling fan on the back. The standing form factor shall help improve airflow.

As stated in a Facebook post, Xiaomi believes that wireless chargers will replace traditional wired chargers.

If future wireless chargers are this fast, then sign us up. However, Xiaomi hasn’t provided us with the official pricing and release date for an actual product or smartphone that will sport its 80W Wireless Charging Technology.

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