An Edinburgh, Scotland-based programmer released a new free online game which doesn’t require any login details or installations to play. Meet Slow Roads.

Driving video games often force you to adhere to strict road rules that can cause stress, especially if you’re trying to win. However, sometimes you may simply want to take things easy and enjoy the journey. For those times, Slow Roads has got you covered. With Slow Roads, you can drive without crashing, failing, or losing. You’ll only get points if you stay on the roadway. Otherwise, you can go wherever you please. No matter what, the scenery will keep rolling along.


Slow Roads Driving Browser Game Controls

W (or up arrow)Accelerate
S (or down arrow)Brake or Reverse
A (or left arrow)Steer Left
D (or right arrow)Steer Right
Hold Shift or Double-tap ShiftCar Boost
CCamera Angle Change
QChange Weather and Lighting Conditions
EChange Weather and Lighting Conditions
RReset Vehicle
FToggle Auto-drive
HToggle Headlights
\ (Hold)Sticky Steer

If you don’t enjoy keyboard control, you can use mouse-based steering instead.

Slow Roads was created by Anslo using a 3D JavaScript framework called three.js. The developer explained its technical aspects in an extensive Medium blog post. It’s a pretty sophisticated technical demonstration that also has some really cool gameplay elements.


From the first look, it’s clear that Slow Roads isn’t really about the gameplay. Instead, it’s about the visual style and entertainment. And the fact that the game doesn’t use flashy visuals means it can run smoothly even on older computers.

Anslo believes that the game is essentially complete, but is looking for funds to add features such as improved climate effects (like rainfall) and more vehicles. It has not yet been decided whether it will be released under an open-source license.

You can play it directly from your web browser by visiting

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