Google Chrome may be the most popular internet browser, but there are several alternatives out there that can offer much more in terms of speed, privacy, and a lot of nifty features. One of the alternative browsers that are gaining a lot of traction is Brave, which is quite unique in that it rewards its users with cryptocurrency for every ad they see. 

Want to learn how you can earn some crypto while browsing more quickly and privately? Read on further to find out. 

What is Brave?

Brave is a browser that is all about privacy. While big browser names like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox offer no or limited protection against different types of tracking online, Brave protects against these trackers across the board. 

Brave blocks invasive ads, cross-site trackers, and cookies from websites you visit, making sure that you can browse more privately without third parties collecting your information and using it for advertising. Brave also protects from malware and phishing attacks and, via its private browser mode, randomizes your traffic route for a truly anonymous browsing experience.


What is Brave Rewards?

While some people use Brave for its privacy features alone, many users also prefer Brave over other browsers because of the opportunity to earn cryptocurrency simply by browsing like you normally would. 

This works via the browser’s advanced feature called Brave Rewards, which is a way of rewarding you with cryptocurrency based on your attention. While Brave blocks invasive ads from the websites you visit, you have the option to enable Brave Rewards in order to earn cryptocurrency for every Brave ad that you see. 

Brave ads are different from the privacy-invading ads and trackers that are embedded in a webpage. Instead, Brave ads are shown as system notifications separate from your browsing. They also do not collect any information about you, and you are fully in control of how many ads you want to see.

How do I earn cryptocurrency with Brave Rewards?

Brave Rewards is powered by the cryptocurrency Basic Attention Token (BAT), which connects advertisers, publishers, and internet users. Brave Rewards is trying to upend the current system by giving the power to the internet user when it comes to online advertising. 

For every Brave ad that you see, you get to receive 70% of the ad revenue in BAT. These tokens are then stored locally in your Brave Rewards wallet. Brave users who use the browser regularly are estimated to earn around $5 worth of BAT every month. 

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How do I enable Brave Rewards on my browser?

Turning on Brave Rewards can be done with just a click of a button. You are already asked if you want to enable Brave Rewards the first time that you are setting up your browser. 

If you haven’t yet enabled Brave Rewards, you can do so by going to the control menu on the upper right side (on desktop) and clicking on Brave Rewards. From there, you can enable or disable the different settings. 

There are two settings that you can set up: Ads and Auto-Contribute. If you turn on Ads, you get to earn BAT by viewing Brave Ads. If you turn on Auto-Contribute, you can automatically contribute a portion of your monthly BAT earnings to the sites and content creators that you frequently visit. 

What can I do with my BAT rewards?

#1 Turn on Auto-Contribute and tip your favorite sites. 


Brave has created an environment where it is easy for internet users to automatically support different publishers and content creators. When you turn on Auto-Contribute in your Brave Rewards settings, you can contribute a certain portion of your monthly BAT earnings and automatically reward them to the sites you frequently visit. 

If you turn on this feature, you get to decide how big a portion of your BAT you want to contribute every month. This amount is distributed to your most visited sites according to how much attention you give them. 

#2 Send a tip to sites and content creators directly.


Aside from Auto-Contribute, you can also directly support your favorite sites and content creators through Brave’s built-in tipping feature. You can pay it forward by using your BAT to support independent publishing sites and verified content creators.

#3 Withdraw your BAT to your digital wallet. 


You can earn and use your BAT to contribute to publishers without setting up your wallet. But if you want to withdraw your earnings, you will need to verify your wallet with Brave’s custodial wallet partners like Uphold and Gemini. 

When you have verified your wallet, you can now receive your BAT rewards directly to your wallet, which you can use in any way you want. 

#4 Set up a crypto wallet.


Aside from your Brave Rewards wallet, you can also set up a dedicated crypto wallet in Brave where you can transfer and store your BAT, as well as use other cryptocurrencies like BTC or ETH. If you have them, you can also connect your other crypto wallets like Ledger and Trezor. 

#5 Avail of different gift cards and digital rewards. 

You can use your BAT to purchase different gift cards and rewards from Brave’s collaboration with TAP Network. Choose from a wide variety of brands like Nike, Apple, Hulu, and HBO Go, and use your BAT balance to avail of them. You will need to connect your Brave wallet from Uphold to purchase from TAP Network’s rewards market.  

Millions of users have already switched to Brave because of its capacities in terms of speed, efficiency, and privacy. Plus, the opportunity to earn cryptocurrency by simply browsing and getting a few, non-invasive ads is just the cherry on top. With all of these unique features, the Brave browser is an impressive alternative to top browsers that you need to try on your own. 

If you want to try out Brave and earn crypto while browsing the web, you can download it from the official website here.

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  1. Looks too easy. Although, after launching trading bots that can copy the strategies of other traders, you shouldn’t be surprised anymore. I think that in the future there will be more tools that can simplify this process.