After years or months of waiting, you’ve finally been able to purchase a PlayStation 5 after countless supply issues. Now, you might want to up your gaming experience, and one thing to do is by getting a Sony PlayStation VR2.

Made for the new PS5, the Sony PlayStation VR2 comes with two 4K OLED screens at 2040 x 2000 pixel resolution, with HDR support and a 120Hz refresh rate. That’s 4x sharper than its predecessor.


The second-generation product also has intelligent eye tracking so your avatar will have a more realistic expression that matches yours. The new VR also has a sharp focus and a 110-degree field of view with an adjustable Fresnel lens for better immersion.

Other than the visuals, the VR2 also has 3D audio so you can locate friends or enemies from their footsteps or gunfire. The audio dynamically adapts to your head movements and your position thanks to Temptest 3D AudioTech.


The headset also has built-in motors for subtle vibrations that create a more tactile feel. This will let you feel subtle movements like an arrow or bullet flying past your head.

Of course, we also have the PlayStation VR2 Sense controller that now also has haptic feedback with subtle and precise vibrations to give you a more realistic experience. There are also adaptive triggers so you can feel the tension of a bowstring, a weapon jamming, and more.



The new controller can also detect the placement of your fingers, even if you’re not pressing any button.

As for the rest of the specs, the headset has 4 cameras for headset and controller tracking, connects to your PS5 via USB Type-C, and has a built-in microphone, and a stereo headphone jack.


Meanwhile, the VR2 Sense controllers have action buttons, a six-axis motion sensor, IR LED for position tracking, a USB Type-C port for charging the Li-Ion battery, and pair to your system wirelessly via Bluetooth 5.1.

The Sony PlayStation VR2 headset and controller has an estimated SRP of Php34,790 in the Philippines through DataBlitz and i.TECH. You can pre-order a unit with a Php5,000 downpayment for a tentative release date of February 22, 2023.

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