Mobile gamers in Southeast Asia, the Philippines included, can now pre-register to the game Tom and Jerry: Chase.

Developed by NetEase, Tom and Jerry: Chase is a 1v4 multiplayer game in which a team of four are playing cat and mouse with a fifth player. The team, or the mice, will need cunning and strategy to steal cheese within eight minutes while a solo player, or the cat, will attempt to thwart them.

The game perfectly captures the classic art style of the beloved cartoon and features the titular characters Tom and Jerry, as well as Tuffy, Butch, Topsy and Lightning.

Bonus in-game items, including game currencies, will be rewarded to players who pre-register. The top-tier reward, a Starry-Eyed Youth skin for Jerry, requires 400k pre-registrations. According to the official website, 69k players have signed up so far.

To pre-register Tom and Jerry: Chase, just head to the game’s Google Play Store or Apple App Store page.

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