Besides a new Metal Slug, Pokemon Unite and 37 more mobile games, Tencent Games has unveiled their own flair to the classic Tetris game during its annual games conference.

Known as Tetris Journey, the game features not only the original tile-matching mode but also new puzzles, a battle royale format, and more.

There have been mobile versions of Tetris before, but Tencent’s own take of the game has some remarkable features to make it more appealing to Tetris fans. For starters, Tetris Journey has on-screen, customizable buttons for a better control scheme. 


Similar to Tetris 99 for the Nintendo Switch, Tetris Journey features a battle royale mode that pits multiple players against each other until all but one is eliminated. There’s also a 1-vs-1 battle format a la Tetris Battle on Facebook.

Tetris Journey is currently available for pre-registration in China, with no word of a global launch yet.

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