Metal Slug Code: J is coming to Android and iOS


A new Metal Slug title is in the works, announced by both SNK and Tencent, and it is to be a mobile game tentatively called as Metal Slug Code: J.

The mobile game is being developed by TiMi Studios, the same game development company who took part in the making of Call of Duty Mobile and currently the same team behind Pokemon Unite

TiMi Studios is a Shenzhen-based company and is subsidiary to Tencent.

Temporarily referred to as Metal Slug Code: J, the game follows the same tried-and-true formula of the Metal Slug series while adding some modern twist to it, with mobile interface in mind.

From the outset, the game features a mostly 2.5D aesthetics during actual gameplay which significantly deviates from the series’ known pixel-based graphics. 


Making for another surprising flair to the game is the 3D environment that players can explore.

So far, the game is shaping up good. Let us just wait and see how the end product turns out eventually.

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