‌‌‌‌‌Samsung Electronics, previously known as the world’s largest manufacturer of smartphones, lost the position in April to Huawei, according to Counterpoint Research data.

Huawei’s rise in smartphone sales was basically due to most of its competitors having almost zero sale in key markets because of strict lockdown due to coronavirus. Counterpoint in their latest release reveals that even though Huawei maintained that position in May, Samsung has effectively narrowed the gap.

Huawei’s market share in May was 19.7%, closely followed by Samsung with 19.6%. Smartphones shipped in May is about 81.97 million units. Although Huawei still remains the world’s largest manufacturer of smartphone, the difference with Samsung is just 0.1%. In contrast, Huawei market share in April was 21.4%, while that of Samsung was 19.1%, difference of 2.3%.


Huawei might not be able to retain the top position for the third straight month, because forecast has shown that Samsung will bounce back on top in June. Samsung closing the gap in May, was as a result of massive sales in the United States. There was significant increase in smartphone sale in the United States of about 56% and out of the 8.4 million smartphones sold, 33% was sold by Samsung.

Early resumption after the COVID-19 pandemic according to Chinese analysts, was the reason Huawei was able to outsell Samsung in April and May. Huawei was able to recover faster than other competitors as a result of early reopening. But since others have opened up again, their sales is dropping.

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